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What Makes Us Different?

Exhale programming may seem random to the client and that’s a good thing! But the fact is that Exhale workouts are in reality anything but random. Great Exhale coaches make sure everything is well thought out weeks or sometimes months ahead of time. That’s the difference between joining a mediocre box and an exceptional one. We are indeed the latter. Exhale workouts need to account for many different domains. The “unknown and unknowable” is one of Exhale’s key concepts. However, this is only in regards to the client. The coaches should know everything being thrown at an athlete and why. If you’re constantly crushing people that is not good for the body and can most likely lead to an injury. If you’re working the same muscles over and over again and do not take the time to prehab and mobilize you will also be more prone to injury. At Exhale we know exactly what you need because we’ve lived it, studied it, tested it, put it into practice and take our jobs seriously so can feel confident about putting your trust in us.

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