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Our Team Introducing our highly skilled coaches

Coaching is about more than just taking you through the motions, a good coach is highly skilled at technique, the ability to give cues, programing, motivation, and able to handle any situation. A great coach can take all of those things and motivate an athlete to become the highest expression of their strength, power, performance and health. Our coaches aren’t just good, they’re great and they create great athletes.

Corey Bruce

Corey started kickboxing when he was seven years old and has continued in combat sports for the l…

Devonta Thomas Gospel Dance Instructor

Devonta Thomas is our ambassador of praise leading us in the Sunday Gospel Dance Class.

Nancy Sommerland Barre Method Instructor

Nancy Sommerland is our expert in the Barre Method.

Huixian Chen Tai Chi Instructor

Huixian Chen is a 20th-generation Descendant of the Chen family, the family that CREATED Tai Chi…


Dana Goodale has been seeing clients at Exhale since August of 2015.

Dana has over 15 years of…

Eleanor Founder

Exhale, L.L.C. is owned by Dr. Eleanor Lisbon. Dr. Lisbon is a graduate of Howard University; she…


Laquisha has been teaching dance for 4 years and brings a lot of energy to her classes.

She is…


Teela Maxwell is a graduate of Vatterott College with a certificate in Personal Training. She has…